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Powerful Pain Relief – Without a Prescription!

Are you tired of missing out on things you love to do because of arthritis or muscle pain? Why not try JointFlex®? JointFlex® Pain Relieving Cream provides powerful, fast-acting arthritis pain relief without a prescription.

Clinically Shown to Relieve Pain

A peer reviewed, published clinical study of chronic arthritis sufferers showed that users of JointFlex® Pain Relieving Cream experienced substantial pain relief after applying JointFlex®. The eight-week clinical trial involved 63 patients who had suffered from chronic osteoarthritis knee pain for an average of 10 years. Click here to read the clinical study.

OsteoArthritis Pain ELIMINATED

Even more amazing, one-third of the JointFlex® users had their pain gradually decrease to the point where it was completely or nearly completely eliminated! By using JointFlex® daily as directed, you too may be able to substantially reduce or even eliminate that arthritis pain that's been nagging you for years. As with any medication, individual results may vary.

How Does JointFlex® Work?

JointFlex® is the only pain reliever that utilizes the exclusive FUSOME® skin delivery technology and contains camphor for pain relief plus Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate for skin conditioning. This technology is designed to deliver the beneficial ingredients quickly and safely to your skin. Plus, you can use JointFlex® daily with confidence since there is no burning sensation, no lingering medicine smell and no greasy residue. With JointFlex®, there are no pills to take, no systemic side effects and no lingering medicine smell.

No Risk Trial Offer

JointFlex® is GUARANTEED to relieve your pain or your money back. Simply order online or by phone, or purchase a tube of JointFlex® at your local drug store or supercenter. You are guaranteed to experience pain relief and continued long-term pain relief when used as directed. If you're not completely amazed with the results, just send the empty tube and cash register receipt to Alterna LLC, and we will mail you a full refund.